Watch AWO WrestleFest 3 the ground breaking event that featured Chris Masters, Carlito, Ivan Markov, The Arabian Horse, The BlonDevil, Eyal Smiley and many more.

The Show also had a successful run on EGO Total TV Channel

Watch AWO World Heavyweight Champion The BlonDevil in his European tour as he defends his title against Egor Sokolov in NSW as a part of NSW Storm Before The Battle Event on 27/10/2018 and on 02/03/2019 The BlonDevil faces off IWF Moscow Champion Ronnie Crimson and Tim in Triple Threat Match for IWF Moscow Championship as part of IWF Destruction event

Watch an Epic Event from 16/10/2018 AWO Glory featuring AWO VS. FEW (First event in history of Israel featuring an organization against organization) The best wrestlers from AWO Global against Florida's finest including former WWE and TNA star Elijah Burke

Watch The BlonDevil's Interview to XeniaDidThat YouTube Blog before IWF Destruction 2019 Event

We make history everywhere we go and this video tells exactly what AWO Global Owner - Mahran Abdul Hai is all about. To make people happy and to make dreams come true, ReLive this moment from after AWO Ukraine GoldRush as The Boss and all the Champions join forces to share this historic moment for all of you !!! We Make It Real !!! 1Family1Goal !!!
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