AWO Unlimited
April 24, 2018 from Country Elitzur, Netanya

Show starts with ring announcer Nataniel welcomes everybody to AWO Unlimited, he introduces the special guest referee for the night, the founder of the AWO, The Arabian Horse.

Goldman vs. Oscar Vice
Goldman drops Oscar down for the quick 2 count and puts Oscar in the headlock. Oscar then tried a rollup but quickly escape Goldman's attempt of Gold Stomp.Oscar with three dropkicks and another one in the corner. Oscar irish whips Goldman to the corner twice and connects with shoulder block in the corner and enzeguri. Oscar misses a move and Goldman beats him up on the ground. Goldman with kicks in the corner and a leg choke. Oscar with a schoolboy rollup for the 2 count and a knee. Drives Goldman in the corner with his sequence and then another series of dropkicks. Oscar hits tornado ddt. Goldman comes off the ropes with a slingblade, and then front dropkick. Goldman goes up top and hits a direction changing splash for 2 count. Goldman goes up top again and misses another attempt. Oscar with enzeguri and 619. Oscar missed the Scar Painter and then Goldman missed the Gold Stomp. Oscar takes Goldman down and puts him in Anaconda Vice. Goldman tries to excape to no success and then taps out.
Winner : Oscar Vice (Match time 09:40)

Rom Unger out with Ben Barel to celebrate Unger's Title win. Unger says he's the only General Manager and Champion at the same time in history. He brings The New System t-shirts, Barel throws some in the crowd. He said he accompleshed all in his 17 years of career and he would like to retire as champion. Leaves the ring and returns gras the mic again and calls the crowd stupid. Unger says he will never retire and will never lose his title.

Ben Barel vs. CJ Chaos
Match starts with Barel taking control using his power. Chaos connects with dropkick. Barel outpowers him and hits him head first into the corner few times. Barel with a backbreaker and then locks him in a headlock. Chaos manages to escape the hold and strikes Barel into the corner. Chaos unleashed vicious attack in the corner. Barel clotheslines Chaos. Chaos takes control and hits bulldog for the 2 count. Barel revelrses irish whip and hits a knee. The he hits the backbreaker and bodyslam. Barel beats on Chaos in the corner. Chaos takes control with backdrop suplex. Barel blocks the samoan drop attempt and hits ddt. They trade punches. Chaos gets his second wind and attacks with series of clotheslines then goes for springboard axhandle but got hit by Barel. Barel with a boot and elbow drop. Barel hits spear. Barel connects with second rope flying elbow. Chaos blocks the sharpshooter attempt and pushes Barel off. Chaos with springboard axhandle. tries the famouser but Barel moves. Barel locks the sharpshooter but Chaos gets to the ropes. Barel hits Uranage slam. Barel tries the pumphandle bomb but Chaos counteres and hits the famouser. Chaos has Barel in perfect position to end the match but is wasting valuable time talking to the crowd. Barel rolls him up from behind and gets the 3 count.
Winner : Ben Barel (Match time 11:50)

Rom Unger is out and says its time to reveal the next member of the AWO Hall Of Fame. He brings out AWO Photographer Sagi Dayan and announced him as Hal Of Fame Inductee. Dayan is speechless, then thanks the crowd and all the wrestlers in the back. The Arabian Horse enters and hugs Dayan. Crowd applaud heavily and chant Sagi.

AWO Israeli Title Triple Threat Match