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AWO Unlimited
April 24, 2018 from Country Elitzur, Netanya

Show starts with ring announcer Nataniel welcomes everybody to AWO Unlimited, he introduces the special guest referee for the night, the founder of the AWO, The Arabian Horse.

Goldman vs. Oscar Vice
Goldman drops Oscar down for the quick 2 count and puts Oscar in the headlock. Oscar then tried a rollup but quickly escape Goldman's attempt of Gold Stomp.Oscar with three dropkicks and another one in the corner. Oscar irish whips Goldman to the corner twice and connects with shoulder block in the corner and enzeguri. Oscar misses a move and Goldman beats him up on the ground. Goldman with kicks in the corner and a leg choke. Oscar with a schoolboy rollup for the 2 count and a knee. Drives Goldman in the corner with his sequence and then another series of dropkicks. Oscar hits tornado ddt. Goldman comes off the ropes with a slingblade, and then front dropkick. Goldman goes up top and hits a direction changing splash for 2 count. Goldman goes up top again and misses another attempt. Oscar with enzeguri and 619. Oscar missed the Scar Painter and then Goldman missed the Gold Stomp. Oscar takes Goldman down and puts him in Anaconda Vice. Goldman tries to excape to no success and then taps out.
Winner : Oscar Vice (Match time 09:40)

Rom Unger out with Ben Barel to celebrate Unger's Title win. Unger says he's the only General Manager and Champion at the same time in history. He brings The New System t-shirts, Barel throws some in the crowd. He said he accompleshed all in his 17 years of career and he would like to retire as champion. Leaves the ring and returns gras the mic again and calls the crowd stupid. Unger says he will never retire and will never lose his title.

Ben Barel vs. CJ Chaos
Match starts with Barel taking control using his power. Chaos connects with dropkick. Barel outpowers him and hits him head first into the corner few times. Barel with a backbreaker and then locks him in a headlock. Chaos manages to escape the hold and strikes Barel into the corner. Chaos unleashed vicious attack in the corner. Barel clotheslines Chaos. Chaos takes control and hits bulldog for the 2 count. Barel revelrses irish whip and hits a knee. The he hits the backbreaker and bodyslam. Barel beats on Chaos in the corner. Chaos takes control with backdrop suplex. Barel blocks the samoan drop attempt and hits ddt. They trade punches. Chaos gets his second wind and attacks with series of clotheslines then goes for springboard axhandle but got hit by Barel. Barel with a boot and elbow drop. Barel hits spear. Barel connects with second rope flying elbow. Chaos blocks the sharpshooter attempt and pushes Barel off. Chaos with springboard axhandle. tries the famouser but Barel moves. Barel locks the sharpshooter but Chaos gets to the ropes. Barel hits Uranage slam. Barel tries the pumphandle bomb but Chaos counteres and hits the famouser. Chaos has Barel in perfect position to end the match but is wasting valuable time talking to the crowd. Barel rolls him up from behind and gets the 3 count.
Winner : Ben Barel (Match time 11:50)

Rom Unger is out and says its time to reveal the next member of the AWO Hall Of Fame. He brings out AWO Photographer Sagi Dayan and announced him as Hal Of Fame Inductee. Dayan is speechless, then thanks the crowd and all the wrestlers in the back. The Arabian Horse enters and hugs Dayan. Crowd applaud heavily and chant Sagi.

AWO Israeli Title Triple Threat Match
Blue Bar Kay (c) vs. Jake Mayhem vs. Benny "Thunder" Rigerowitz
Mayhem attacks Bar Kay in the corner. Thunder rolls Mayhe for the 2 count. Thunder stomps on Mayhem. Thunder with legdrop and splash on Mayhem as Bar Kay breaks the count.Bar Kay slam Thunder and hits Bar Kay drop. Mayhem hits Bar Kay in the face and attacks Thunder. Mayhem with an uppercut and ddt on Thunder. Bar Kay gets back to the ring and attacks Mayhem. Bar Kay hits a 2nd rope knee and front dropkicks that sends Mayhem to the outside. Thunder hits Bar Kay with a tackle. Thunder works on Mayhem in the corner and turns right into a boot by Bar Kay. Mayhem clotheslines Bar Kay and all three are down. Mayhem slaps Bar Kay and hits a suplex. Mayhem with fallaway slam. Mayhem with spinning stunner. Bar Kay takes Mayhem to the outside and hits a cannonball from the apron on both Mayhem and Thunder. In the ring Bar Kay hits spinning heel kick on Thunder. Bar Kay with monkey flip on Thunder. Thunder blocks Bar Kay and hits the gut breaker. Thunder with butterfly supex. Thunder with uranage slam and backdrop suplex. Thunder hits german suplex on Bar Kay and seesaw piledriver on Mayhem. Mayhem blocks Thunder and hits the Vertriger. Bar Kay gets back and attacks Mayhem but Thunder rakes his eyes. Thunder hits Rigerowitz Bomb on Bar Kay but Mayhem breaks the count. Mayhem hits Thunder with spinning slam and then finishes off Bar Kay with Mayhem slam for the win. Goldman runs in to celebrate with Mayhem. Mayhem throws down the Israeli Title.
Winner : and new AWO Israeli Champion - Jake Mayhem (Match time 14:35)

Backstage Mayhem proclaims himself as The New AWO Undisputed Champion and warns everybody not to mess with him.

AWO World Heavyweight Title Match
Rom Unger (c) vs. The BlonDevil
Unger introduced Thunger Rigerowitz as the special referee for this match. Match starts with a lockup as The BlonDevil took control. Twisted the arm and takes Rom in the headlock. BlonDevil makes fun of Unger and tkes him into the corner. Quick punch by The BlonDevil and 2 running splashes. Barel helps Unger move out of the corner as The BlonDevil hits the corner. Unger with clothesline. Unger goes up top and hits double axhandle. Unger stomps on The BlonDevil and hits an elbow drop. Unger hits bodyslam and a splash but The BlonDevil kicks out at 2. The BlonDevil reverses irish whip and knocks Unger down with Hollywood. The BlonDevil with double chop and rolling neck snap. The BlonDevil connects with flying lariat and signals for Yakuza kick. Barel gets on the apron and The BlonDevil takes him down with Yakuza kick. Unger comes from behind with a low blow and a rollup but only gets a 2 count.  Unger punches The BlonDevil into the coerner and Barel grabs BlonDevil's arm. Unger tries a splash but The BlonDevil moves out and Unger hits the corner. The BlonDevil removes Barel with kick and hits the symphony of destruction on Unger in the corner. Signals for the end, Unger eye rakes The BlonDevil and hits double axhandle from the top rope. Then grabs the referee and screams that he injured his leg. Barel gets in and attacks The BlonDevil causing a DQ.
Winner : The BlonDevil by DQ, still AWO World Champion, Rom Unger (Match time : 6:20)

Barel and Unger beat The BlonDevil down and all of sudden Goldman runs it and takes Barel down with slingblade. Unger excapes. Goldman informs Unger that he has the official contract fir the match that took place right now signed by AWO management and it says if Unger gets himself intentionally disqualified or counted out then the match must be restarted a tag team match with Unger and Barel against The BlonDevil and partner of his chhosing. Goldman says that BlonDevil's choice would always be The Arabian Horse but since Unger retired him there is one more person The BlonDevil respects to be his partner. And that's him. He says that contract states that If his team wins then whoever gets the fall will get his title match against Unger at Road To Wrestlefest. But if they lose whoever takes the fall will be Unger's servant. He says that if Unger refuses to this match he will be fired as AWO General Manager.

If Goldman and The BlonDevil win, whoever gets the fall is getting AWO World Title match
If The New System win, whoever takes the fall will be Unger's personal servant

The New System (AWO GM & World Champion, Rom Unger & Ben Barel) vs. Goldman & The BlonDevil
Barel attacks Goldman right aways and pounds on him on the corner then hits a backbreaker. Tags Unger who hits sidewalk slam for the 2 count. They tag back and forth to retain their control. Goldman returns with series of kicks ans superman punch.  Unger breaks the count. Goldman tags The BlonDevil who hits a knee stomp. The BlonDevil with a vicious chop that drops Barel down. The BlonDevil then walks Barel around with four corners face first. Goldman tags himself in. They hit leg trip/splash combo. Barel with jawbreaker on Goldman. Barel with a backbreaker and 2nd rope flying elbow. Tags in Unger who hits a splash in the corner. The BlonDevil distracts the ref. Unger tags Barel in and Goldman tags The BlonDevil. The BlonDevil with a double chop, rolling neck snap and flying lariat. Goldman breks the count. The BlonDevil and Goldman argue as The BlonDevil moves and Barel hits Goldman with spear. Barel with a cover but The BlonDevil breaks it. Goldman kicks the crap out of Barel. Goldman and The BlonDevil corners Unger to the outside and viciously attack him. Barel attacks Goldman and rolls him back in. Barel and Unger double team The BlonDevil as Goldman dives on all 3 of them to the outside. Back in the ring Goldman and BlonDevil hits double clothesline on Barel. Then poetry in motion and double dropkick. The BlonDevil signals for Yakuza kick but Unger grabs his leg from the outside. Barel hits The BlonDevil in the gut as Goldman chokes Unger out on the ouside. The BlonDevil blocks Barel wih a knee to the face and hits the symphony of destruction followed by The End Of Days for the win as Goldman wasn't able to break the count in time.
Winners : The BlonDevil & Goldman (Match time : 15:03) The BlonDevil is once again the number one contender for the AWO World Heavyweight Title

After the match Goldman and The BlonDevil stare each other and Goldman rolls Unger back into the ring as Unger hugging his title in desperation. The BlonDevil brings the contract to the ring and says that he's not stupid and came prepared to Unger's attempt of numbers game. He said he could've get Unger one on one without interference and end him in seconds but he doesn't like doing things the easy way. He wants to eliminate and wipe out The New System. He grabs Unger's hand and signs the contract. He then reads that contract is for 3 on 1 Gauntlet match in which he faces Kannon Payne in Hardcore Match, Ben Barel in Netanya Street Fight Match and Unger in a match with only way to win is by pinfall or submission and any interference will make him a new champion. He told if Unger wants to be called a champion he'll have to beat the best on his own. The BlonDevil signs the contract and leaves the ring as Unger was screaming at the crowd that he will find solution for everything.
What a night it was. Oscar Vice making a statement by tapping out former 2-time champion, CJ Chaos's lack of focus costing him another match. Jake Mayhem wins AWO Israeli Title and then rebrands it as AWO Undisputed Title, Rom Unger retains AWO World Heavyweight Title in a cowardly way and then surprising announcement by Goldman and even more surprising team of fierce rivals against common enemy and The BlonDevil getting his rematch for AWO Road To WrestleFest in the end. Stay tuned for more as we will return on May 29th at AWO Road To WrestleFest !!!

AWO WrestleFest 11
AWO Glory 2018
AWO Glory 2018
16 באוק׳ 2018, 19:00
Country Elizur Netanya
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