Breakout Star Of The Year : CJ Chaos

Moment Of The Year : Rom Unger fires The Arabian Horse

Match Of The Year : Eyal Smiley vs. The Pope Elijah Burke

Wrestler Of The Year : The BlonDevil


Moment Of The Year : Nataniel Pedigrees Jake Mayhem

Debut Of The Year : Blue Bar Kay

Match Of The Year : FTS (The BlonDevil & The Arabian Horse) vs. The New System (Rom Unger & Ben Barrel & Kannon Payne)

Wrestler Of The Year : Jake Mayhem

Special Contribution To AWO Award : Oscar Vice


Moment Of The Year : Elad Avigan Retirement Speech

Debut Of The Year : A+ (CJ Chaos & Dean Arrow & Double B & Maor Riezing & El Mystic)

Champion Of The Year : Goldman

Surprise Of The Year : Rom Unger

First Time Ever Of The Year : Goldman & The Volk - Champion vs. Champion Match

Match Of The Year : Adi Hurvitz vs. Jessie Roy

Wrestler Of The Year : Jessie Roy

Special Contribution to Israeli Wrestling Award : Gery Roif & Sagi Dayan & Moti Goslan

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