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AWO WarZone
March 20, 2018 from Country Elitzur, Netanya

Show started with ring announcer Nataniel welcomes everybody to AWO WarZone, then he cuts the promo about the haters and people who has no respect for this business. He phraised all the wrestling activity in Israel and introduced The BlonDevil.













AWO Heavyweight Championship #1 Contendership Match
The BlonDevil vs. Mystery Oponnent
The BlonDevil opens with a promo. He mentioned the legacy of The Constellation and how The New System retired his friend The Arabian Horse, he warns Unger not to underestimate Goldman because it's not the size of dog in a fight, it's a size of fight in a dog. He also reminded that when Unger brought him back in 2016 he gave him an iron clad, which means he cannon be fired suspended or punished for anything he does. He also said that he hopes Goldman wins so the fans could get the match they want, BlonDevil vs. Goldman for the title in Texas Death Match 2. He then calls the mystery opponent out. Mystery opponent was revealed and it's AWO resident troll, Clobber Stone. Clobber hits the codebreaker in the beginning but BlonDevil kicked out right away. BlonDevil blocks Clobber and beats him down viciously, BlonDevil stomps Clobber in the corner and then hits a flying lariat for a 2 count. Clobber was trying to run away but BlonDevil stopped him and after a few seconds hits Yakuza kick for the win and number one contendership.
Winner : The BlonDevil (Match time 01:52)













AWO Israeli Championship Match
Blue Bar Kay (c) vs. Oscar Vice
Match starts with Oscar trying to outwrestle Bar Kay and rolls him for the 2 count. Oscar ducks the Brogue Kick. Bar Kay then took control with headlock but Oscar came back and applies head scissors to the outside but after Bar Kay blocked it Oscar still managed to complete a hurricanrana in the ring. Bar Kay with a backbreaker and another Brogue Kick attempt, Oscar went down with a bridge to avoid the move. The Oscar escaped few more Brogue Kick attempts by Bar Kay. Bar Kay hits the neck breaker and spinning kick. Oscar counters monkey flip into the corner kick from the outside. Bar Kay drops Oscar from the ropes and hits Blue Thunder Bomb for the 2 count. Oscar hits spinning enzeguri. Then tries Anaconda Vice but Bar Kay counters into Blue Thunder Bomb which Oscar escapes from and tries his move from the ropes and got hit right in the face with a Brogue Kick by Bar Kay for the win. They shook hands after the match.
Winner : and still AWO Israeli Champion, Blue Bar Kay (Match time 7:41)

In the ring GM Rom Under along with New System and a contract for the main event in hand. Goldman and Jake Mayhem enter and Goldman signed it right away then he and Jake attacked the New System and beat them down to the crowds delight.













Jake Mayhem vs. Benny "Thunder" Rigerowitz
Thunder was trying to waste time and avoided contact in the beginning. They finally locked up with Mayhem getting the upper hand and throws Thunder down. Mayhem with DDT on Thunder. Thunder cheap shots him and drops him down. Mayhem hits few shoulder tackles. Thunder hits bulldog.  Thunder stomped on Mayhem and worked on him with various attacks in the corner. Mayhem drops Thunder down and hits a front face suplex. Mayhem hits a running lariat on Thunder. Mayhem hits Spinning Stunner and Thunder went to the outside where he gained control. Thunder hits seesaw piledriver. Mayhem hits suplex and then counters another seesaw piledriver into body drop back to the ring. Mayhem with a knee shot for the 2 count. Mayhem slaps Thunder and hits a Mayhem Slam for the win.
Winner : Jake Mayhem (Match time 14:14)













AWO Heavyweight Title Match - 3 on 1 Gauntlet
If Goldman defeats Kannon and Barel then his match against Unger is NO DQ
If any of the New System's members defeats Goldman he will become the new AWO Champion

Goldman (c) vs. The New System (Ben Barel, Kannon Payne & Rom Unger)
Unger informs that Goldman signed a Gauntlet match contract without seeing what he signed. He also bans Jake Mayhem from ringside. Goldman starts with Kannon Payne. Goldman attacks Kannon with no result and got hit with big boot. Goldman rolls to the outside and the brawl between two starts. Kannon was dominating but hits the ring post and Goldman rolls back into the ring right before the ten count winning this match by count-out. Next is Ben Barel. Goldman attacks Barel with kicks but Barel took control and bodyslams Goldman. Barel hits an elbow from the 2nd rope for the 2 count. Goldman throws Barel to the ouside and hits a suicide dive from the top rope. Barel hits Goldman spine first into ring post and rolls him back in. Barel then mocks The Arabian Horse and hits the spear on Goldman. Goldman came back with clotheslines and dropkick and went for The Gold Stomp but Barel slams him down. Barel brought the chair to the ring. Barel throws Goldman into referee and knocks him down. Barel with the backbreaker. Barel was trying to wake the ref up. Goldman grabs the chair and hits the mat, Barel turns around and Goldman threw the chair to him and dropped down. Referee saw this and disqualifies Barel. Goldman survived this one as well. He then hits Kannon with the chair and then hits Barel. Goldman with a Gold Stomp on Barel on the chair. Unger enters. Unger throws Goldman down. Goldman attacks Unger and drops him down with an uppercut. Goldman beats Unger down. Goldman chokes Unger with his own shoe. Unger with a low blow. Unger drops a perfect elbow and a side slam for the 2 count. Goldman took control and hits running knee in the corner. Goldman signals for Gold Stomp but Barel and Kannon attack him and hit him with a double clothesline. Barel hits Diamond Dust and puts Unger on top of Goldman but Goldman kicked out at 2. Then The New System delivered a triple powerbomb on Goldman and Unger gets the 3 count.
Winners : and new AWO Heavyweight Champion Rom Unger (Match time : 07:31)

After the match Rom Unger celebrates his title win as the crowd boo heavily.
New Champion has been crowned but he also knows the name of his next opponent in The BlonDevil whom he cannon fire or punish as we heading towards AWO Unlimited in April. Stay tuned for more !!!

AWO WrestleFest 11
AWO Glory 2018
AWO Glory 2018
16 באוק׳ 2018, 19:00
Country Elizur Netanya
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