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AWO ReBorn
February 20, 2018 from Country Elitzur, Netanya

Show started with ring announcer Nataniel welcomes everybody to AWO ReBorn, and reminded everybody that AWO IS Global.

Benny "Thunder" Rigerowitz vs. Oscar Vice
Match starts with quick rollup attempts by Oscar. after arguing with the ref Thunder took control until Oscar used his airial skills to come back. They took the match to the outside of the ring where Thunder used his madness to gain control. Back in the ring Thunder hits fisherman's buster to a near fall. Thunder argued with the ref again but was smart enough to move out of the way as Oscar's attempt of spinning enzeguri hits the ref. Thunder was tapping out to Anaconda Vice but the ref was out. Oscar was trying to help the ref but got hit with Thunder's finisher for the win.
Winner : Benny "Thunder" Rigerowitz (Match time 13:07)

AWO Israeli Championship Match
The "Apocalypse Kid" CJ Chaos (c) vs. Blue Bar Kay
Match starts with Blue Bar Kay surprisingly removing his mask. Chaos made fun of Bar Kay's ginger hair. Many attempts by both to score a victory to no success. Chaos turns the momentum with the falcon arrow to a near fall. Bar Kay with Spinning heel kick. Bar Kay worked Chaos on the outside and rolls him back in the ring. Bar Kay misses Brogue Kick but managed to hit it as a counter to Chaos's move for a 2 count. Bar Kay even kicked out of The Apocalypse Bomb. Chaos kicked out of Blue Thunder Bomb. Bar Kay countered another Apocalypse Bomb into Brogue Kick and hit Blue Thunder Bomb for the win and the title.
Winner : and the new AWO Israeli Champion, Blue Bar Kay (Match time 6:21)

In the ring GM Rom Under along with New System adresses the AWO Champion, Goldman who took a day off without permission. Unger announced that at AWO Warzone In March, Goldman will defend his AWO Championship against.... Rom Unger. And if Goldman doesn't show up he will be stripped out of the title. Then he invited the special guest referee for the main event match, The Volk. To a huge surprise of the crowd  , Unger announced The Volk as the first ever inductee into AWO Hall Of Fame at AWO Wrestlefest 7 In June. The Volk left in the ring speechless and after realizing what just happened thanked everybody in the crowd and the wrestlers in the back to a big ovation.

Max Rage vs. Eyal Smiley
Smiley took control in the beginning with experience edge but quickly met with a brute strenght of Rage. Rage slams Smiley hard. Smiley managed to throw Rage to the outside and hits a dive from the top rope to the outside to crowd's delight. Back in the ring Rage viciously attacked Smiley. Rage with a spinebuster. Smiley answers with series of fast moves and butterly suplex to a 2 count. Rage drops Smiley down from the top rope and hits 2 vicious german suplexes. Smiley moves to the outside but Rage hits amazing over the top rope dive on Smiley. back in the ring Rage with gorilla press slam followed by Frogsplash for the win.
Winner : Max Rage (Match time 8:31)

The BlonDevil vs. Jake Mayhem
Devil started FU Jake chant in the beginning. Both tried to outpower the other which led to a slugfest and Jake gaining advantage. Jake missed the splash and got hit by a flying axhandle. Jake breaks the control with uppercut and splash in the corner. Followed by DDT and fallaway slam. Jake's 3rd shoulder tackle sends Devil to the outside but he quickly uses his experience to gain control. Devil hits double leg block in the corner. Devil with flying clothesline. Devil missed Yakuza kick and got hit with a running knee but answered with a dropkick out of nowhere. Jake countered a move into TKO Stunner for the 2 count. Jake was attempting running move but veteran connects with Yakuza kick for the 2 count. Devil signals for Dominator but Jake overpowed him and hit World's strongest slam for a near fall. Jake signals for the end but Devil turns spinning slam attempt into End Of Days for the win.
Winner : The BlonDevil (Match time : 8:02)

Disband Or Fired Match
If The New System Loses they must Disband
If The Office loses whoever gets pinned is fired

The New System (Ben Barel & Kannon Payne)(w/Rom Unger) vs. The Office (The Arabian Horse & Adi Hurvitz)
The Arabian Horse starts the match with Barel and right away took him to school with basic wrestling moves. Horse ran into a boot in the corner and the backbreaker by Barel. Barel keeps his attack in tact until Horse took control with Spinebuster. Barel took control again but Horse managed to tag Hurwitz who went after Barel right away. Barel tags Kannon in and they double teamed Hurwitz with a huge big boot by Kannon. Kannon smashed Hurwitz in the corner and drags him to the middle of the ring when Hurwitz almost removed Kannon's mask off but got slammed hard to the mat instead. System went for the double team again but Hurwitz comes with a flying double clothesline. He tags Horse in who cleaned house. Horse slammed Barel and drops the elbow. Fight broke on the outside where Horse kept his advantage. Back in the ring Barel took control with a headbutt and locked Horse in the Sharpshooter. Horse escapes by grabbing the ropes. Horse signals for the Spear but Rom Unger grabbed his leg in the corner. Special Referee The Volk banned Rom Unger from the ringside. Horse hits Barel with Spear but the referee was busy on the outside to separate fighting Hurwitz and Kannon. Barel hits Horse with Jumping DDT to score the upset and give his team the win.
Winners : The New System (Match time : 15:54)

After the match Rom Unger fires The Arabian Horse. Horse removes his boots and hangs them on the ring ropes. He had tears in his eyes as his wrestling career was over, but when he was about to leave the ring The AWO locker room appear on stage with a huge round of applauds, crowd and these in the ring quickly joined applauding for a long time and The Horse left to ring to a standing ovation he truely deserved.

What an emotional night it was, New Israeli Champion, Career of a legent came to an end, Hall Of Fame inductee announced for Wrestlefest 7. It was AWO ReBorn, See you all at AWO Warzone on March 20th.

AWO WrestleFest 11
AWO Glory 2018
AWO Glory 2018
16 באוק׳ 2018, 19:00
Country Elizur Netanya
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